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Guest Post & Giveaway: Kay Berrisford – “Catching Kit”

Hi all! Thanks to Piper for letting me drop by to celebrate the launch of my urban paranormal series, Underground Elves.  The series follows the fortunes of a group of fae-like creatures, who are fighting to survive in a world of persecution. Like vampires, my elves need something from humans to flourish—but it isn’t blood, it is sex and love.

Book 1 is out 12th August—a re-release of Catching Kit, the story of a romance between government agent, Denny, and an elf, Kit.  Kit, like many elves, has been fading in and out of existence for many centuries as he seeks his one true love. He thinks he’s found that “forever” partner in Denny. However, Denny’s got issues. He has been struggling to find a boyfriend who can accept his complex sexuality, plus he’s got a young daughter from a previous relationship. With a kid to look out for, he isn’t sure he can make sacrifices required to gift his heart to a supernatural being.

As characters, Kit and Denny were fantastic to write. On paper they’re total opposites—they’re an elf and an elf-catcher for starters, and while Kit is outgoing, Denny is reserved and shy. However, they’re both lonely souls who are desperately seeking acceptance and love in a world that doesn’t “get” them.  Although Book 2 focusses on the fortunes of another elf, Alfie, and his lover John, Kit and Denny will be recurring characters, so readers can follow their developing relationship.  Hopefully, they’ll also be starring in a Christmas or Valentines story sometime soon.

I hope you enjoying spending time with my boys.


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Catching Kit – Book 1 in the Underground Elves Series

Denny is a top secret agent on a mission to protect London from Ethereal Beings – elves – who are seen as dangerous mind-reading parasites who prey on human emotions.

Kit is an elf on the run, misunderstood and persecuted by humans. When Denny catches him, he shatters everything Denny’s been taught about elves. He’s gorgeous and funny and claims he’s been searching a long time for a guy like Denny. He shares Denny’s kinks and now he needs Denny’s love to survive.

But if Denny doesn’t take Kit to jail, he’s in big trouble. Dare Denny break the law and gamble his life to save the Ethereal Being in his bed

Please note: This is a revised version of a previously released title.

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Kit furrowed his brow, and that strange look glazed his eyes, whispering of memories. Shouting of pain. “I was here in 1941.”

Denny shook him. “You’re telling me you were in London in the Blitz as well as in Shakespearean times? You must think I’m loopy.”

Kit drilled his gaze into him and fluttered his long lashes. “No. I think you’re horribly messy. Apart from your underwear drawer. You keep that neat enough.”

Denny froze. “You’ve been poking around my things?”

“I loved your things. They were beautiful.”

A hot flush spread from the base of Denny’s neck to his brow. The elf had been messing with his most intimate possessions.

His best lingerie.

Yet his humiliation burned out quickly. This elf had cut to the heart of his “disgusting habits,” and didn’t seem bothered at all.

The elf arched a brow, overtly flirtatious. “I hope you don’t mind. I, uh, tried some on.”

“You what?”

“Your lace thong.” Kit dropped his voice to a sexy growl. “I’m wearing it now.”

Kit grabbed Denny’s wrist and pushed Denny’s hand down the back of those scruffy black trousers. Next thing Denny knew, he was grasping one of Kit’s buttocks. Smooth flesh yielded to muscles hard as nutshells beneath. Then Kit steered Denny so his fingertips slid up the elf’s crack. He felt the delicate thread of lace spreading Kit’s arse, slicing down that warm, vulnerable cleft between.

Denny had never sprung into full erection so quickly in his life. He yanked his hand away.

“You had no right to mess with my stuff.” Although that particular thong had always been a bit small for him and didn’t quite suit. It felt hot on Kit. It must look hot on Kit. “Y-you’re going straight back to the safe.” He grasped the elf’s shoulders as if they’d been fused together, acutely aware of Kit’s breathing, hot against his neck. Of the hard line of his hip brushing intimately close to Denny’s groin.

“What are you waiting for?” murmured Kit.

Denny had no idea. The tap dripped, water smacking against metal the only interruption to the buzzing of the light and the relentless pounding of Denny’s blood.

He felt as unsteady as he felt horny. The deeper he scrutinized Kit’s face, the more emotions he seemed to read there. Every trace of mirth on the elf’s lips died, replaced by a firmly set line, a smoldering sincerity. His eyes spoke of joy, hope, desperation.

And raw hunger.

Kit rose onto tiptoes, lifted his chin, and it seemed electricity arced between them. Delicately he brushed Denny’s mouth with his own. The elf tasted of wine, cheese sauce, and something heady and enticing that might have been the spices. Or might just have been Kit. Whatever it was, Denny needed more.

He grabbed Kit by the collar and kissed him hard.

The plates on the drainer behind them chinked. Kit parted his lips and slid his tongue into Denny’s mouth, deepening the kiss, apparently relishing the scrub of Denny’s stubble against his. In perfect rhythm, the elf rubbed his groin against Denny’s thigh until Denny felt the ultimate proof that elves were sexual beings. Kit’s raging erection told Denny they were both equally aroused.

And the elf read his every need like a book.

Through Denny’s tight T-shirt, Kit toyed with his nipple, flicking the ring, pressing the cool metal into his sweat-flecked skin. Currents of molten pleasure coursed from Denny’s chest to his cock.

Buy it now  Kay’s books on Amazon  Kay’s books on All Romance  Kay’s website

Bio:  Kay writes m/m adventures and contemporary paranormal tales, usually set in her native England.

When she isn’t buried in books, she’s stewarding at a medieval house, or shouting at the world to get involved in awesome events celebrating all things historical.

She loves angst-filled romances, in which the heroes suffer a bit (sometimes a lot!) but they always get their happy ever afters.


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