Giveaway Time – Socks, ebooks, & elves, oh my!

It’s almost here! The Working Elf Blues goes live in 3 days. 😀 How about a little giveaway to celebrate? 

Up for grabs is a copy of the ebook (or, if you so happened to have ordered TWEB already, any ebook from my backlist) and a pair of these adorable elf socks!

photo 1

Here are the deets about the socks from the website:

Charcoal crew length women’s sock with elves preparing gifts, decorating a Christmas tree, and trying to untangle Christmas lights!

Fits a women’s shoe 5-10. (And I’m sure men could wear them too. :))

To enter, simply comment on this post and tell me what your favorite holiday book is — or if you don’t read holiday stories, tell me the title of the last great book you read. (Be sure to list your email address in the appropriate box when commenting so I have a way to reach you!)

Closes: Sun, 12/21/14 @ 11PM CST


For extra entries, you can do any or all of the following:

-Spread the word about this contest (tweet, reblog, put it on Facebook, put it on Tumblr). Just leave a link to said post about it in your comment.

-Like my official Facebook author page (But be sure I know what name you “liked” it under.)

-Follow me on Twitter and/or add me as a favorite on Goodreads.


Disclaimer: This contest is open to adults age 18 and up. Your comment confirms that you are of legal age. Contest open worldwide. 

The Working Elf Blues - 500x750


Garnet Evergreen has never heard of an elf abandoning the North Pole for a human, but he yearns to be the first. Ever since he saw Wes, the boy with sorrowful eyes, Garnet felt an undeniable kinship. Over the years, he’s watched that boy grow into a man, and now he’s determined to give Wes a Christmas he’ll never forget. If only Garnet had thought to test his father’s sleigh before leaving… 

Orphaned as a child, Wes spends every Christmas alone at his cabin. When he’s woken by a suspicious boom and finds a wrecked sleigh and an unconscious elf, he doesn’t know how to react. Wes isn’t fanciful. He doesn’t give much credence to the stories about Santa Claus and flying reindeer. But a part of him wants desperately to believe when Garnet promises forever, even if life has taught him that no one ever stays…

Can’t wait? Buy The Working Elf Blues now at the links below! How can you resist a cute, freckled, ginger elf? ;D

LT3 Press (Currently available at a 36% off discount!)




Did you miss my last Christmas story, Zombie Wonderland? If so, check it out! 


Nothing says Christmas like droves of the undead…

All Emery wants for Christmas is someone to share it with. It looks like he might finally be getting his wish in Ross, the sexy customer he’s been crushing on for months. But neither of them counted on the zombies, or on being caught in the worst blizzard in half a century. Even with a plan for contending with the zombie hordes, surviving will take a miracle.

It’s not exactly how Emery dreamed of spending Christmas with Ross, but he can’t think of a better way to spend a zombie apocalypse.

Buy it here.


About Piper Vaughn

Piper Vaughn wrote her first love story at eleven and never looked back. Since then, she’s known that writing in some form was exactly what she wanted to do. A reader at the core, Piper loves nothing more than getting lost in a great book—fantasy, young adult, romance, sci-fi, she loves them all! As a bisexual and Latinx person, Piper takes great pride in her heritage. She grew up in an ethnically diverse neighborhood and strives to put faces and characters of every ethnicity in her stories, so her fictional worlds are as colorful as the real one. Above all, she believes that everyone needs a little true love in their life … even if it’s only in a book.

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  1. I read Paranormal romance for the holidays…re-reading one of my fav, “Creature Feature” by the gruesome twosome Poppy Dennison & Mary Calmes. 😀

  2. Favorite holiday book? This is a hard question! My favorite fun story is A Summit City Christmas by Ethan Day and my favorite serious one is A Wealth of Unsaid Words by R. Cooper.

  3. The Forgotten Man by Ryan Loveless, Turkey in the Snow by Amy Lane, and Josh Lanyon’s Merry Chrismas, Darling. but Zombie Wonderland & The Working Elf Blues are both on my TBR list!

  4. I can’t say that I have a “favorite” holiday book yet, as I’ve not read many, but the last one I read was Rory Ni Coileain’s “Ilya and the Wolf”. It was a great little story.

    I tweeted for you. 🙂

  5. I have so many favorite holiday stories that it’s difficult to pick just one. I do love Amy Lane’s Turkey in the Snow. I’ve liked your facebook page under Toni Aquilante and followed you on twitter as @amaquilante. I’m looking forward to The Working Elf Blues!

  6. I’m a traditionalist – I still love A Christmas Carol by Dickens, which I read for the first time when I was eight at my grandparents’ house.

  7. Melisha Bonnette

    I am sad to say I haven’t read many good Christmas based books but I am looking forward to giving The Working Elf Blues a read. The last good book I read was The Devil’s Ride by K.A Merikan. I did all of the following for extra entries: liked your official Facebook page under Melisha Bonnette, marked you as a favorite on GR under Melisha Bonnette, I follow you on Twitter under @MelishaBonnette and here is the link to my tweet spreading the word about this giveaway!

  8. The Thursday Night Club is my favorite right now. Liked on FB (Debra GUyette) and faNNED YOU ON gr (deBBY guYETTE)

  9. Hmmm…. I’ve read about ten Christmas books already this year, including the Working Elf Blues (which I liked bunches) but I still gravitate to my childhood reads when it comes to faves. I adored Caddie Woodlawn (Carol Ryrie Brink) has a LOT about Christmas, and how Caddie uses her pennies to buy candies for the half-breed children no one cares for. That always got to me. I also enjoy re-reading Suess’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and Shultz’ A Charlie Brown Christmas with my kids because they tear the commercial veil away.

    Though, I won’t find another steamy tree-trimming scene filled with man-candy to go amiss…best of luck with the launch of TWEB. It’s a good ‘un.


  10. I enjoy Jamie Fessenden’s THE CHRISTMAS WAGER.

  11. Right now I have two favorite Holiday reads and they are both by Eli Easton – Unwrapping Hank and Blame It On The Mistletoe 🙂

  12. I Loved Let It Snow by Heidi Cullinan.

    Follower on Twitter as @pumpkin3410
    Follower on Facebook as Jen Walter
    Follower on Goodreads as Jen CW

    Tweeted –

  13. Reblogged this on Books,Coffee & Captured Moments and commented:
    Fun Holiday Read and a Giveaway too. Win-win!

  14. I just finished reading The Holiday Hoax by Skylar M. Cates and I live Holiday Outing by Astrid Amara.

    I follow on twitter: @VikLi88, on goodreads as H.B., on facebook as Himi Nishino and tweeted here:

  15. I already have The Working Elf Blues pre-ordered, but those socks are adorable! The last great book I read is Touch Me by Chris Scully, though I’m happy to say the year has been full of great reads. Including yours. 🙂

    Followed and tweeted:

  16. I don’t have one favorite but many. A couple would be Fear, Hope and Bread Pudding by Marie Sexton and Merry Gentlemen by Josephine Myles.

    I follow on twitter as Jbst and goodreads as Bkrdr.

  17. Favorite holiday book. I have 3 I read ..When He Came Home by Nicole Dennis, What Can Be by Mary Calmes and Eight Days by C.Cardeno

    Google +:

  18. My favorites so far this month is Hollis Shiloh’s Elves and Deer, Eli Easton’s Unwrapping Hank and K.A Merikan’s Paris.

  19. I really have not read many holiday books, but I enjoyed Lone Star by Josh Lanyon and the recently re-released A Very Holland Christmas by Toni Griffin.

    I follow on Goodreads and Twitter as Ale.

  20. Last week I read Sock it to Me, Santa! by Parker Madison and it’s really sweet. Right now I’m reading Let it Snow by Heidi Cullinan.

  21. Snow Globe by L.E. Franks became a Christmas favorite when I read it a month ago. So sweet!

  22. There are quite a few I’ve enjoyed recently. Sock it to Me Santa by Madison Parker and Blame it On the Mistletoe by Eli Easton were very sweet.

    I like on FB as Debra Edwards
    Follow on Twitter and Goodreads as Debra E

  23. Sock it to Me Santa is one of my fav holiday stories, too. I have The Working Elf of pre-order – looking forward to reading it. Thanks!

    jen.f {at} mac {dot} com

  24. I loved the Christmas extra for NR Walker’s Sixty Five Hours

    FB liker Lee Todd

    shared on FB
    shared on Pinterest leetee2007
    shared on G+ Lee Todd
    shared on tumblr leetee2007

    GR Lee Todd


  25. a Christmas carol

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  26. I just finished the anthology, Comfort and Joy by Harper Fox, Josh Lanyon, Joanna Chambers, and LB Gregg!

  27. I have been reading Into the Woods by Kathleen Kerridge. It’s not a Christmas story but the first gay fantasy that i have read. Just like you she puts a lot of details in the story that really makes it seem real and possible. It’s a really high adventure story with great gay romance.

  28. I like Astrid Amara’s Hanukkah books, and Josh Lanyon’s Christmas books.They each have several. 🙂

  29. I am just now getting into reading holiday themed books so I don’t have a favorite yet. The last great book I read was “When Ryan Came Back”.

  30. The Invicta series by Piper Kay 🙂 loved it.

  31. Holiday book? That’s a toughie. I recently read and enjoyed ‘Let it Snow’ by Heidi Cullinan and ‘Puzzle Me This’ by Eli Easton.

  32. Michael Thompson

    Favorite Christmas book …Blame it on the mistletoe and Unwrapping Hank.

  33. My favorite Christmas book this year is Unwrapped Hank by Eli Easton.

  34. Unwrapping Hank and Blame it on the Mistletoe

  35. I just listened to Bianca’s Plan by B.G. Thomas again this morning. It’s a very sweet holiday story.

  36. Hi Piper! I’m really looking forward to your new book, and I love the elf socks! I haven’t read any Holiday stories yet, but now have two weeks vacation to correct that. Oh, I also “liked” your page!

  37. I don’t have a favourite, but one I really love is The Christmas Throwaway, I read it every year since I got it.

  38. My favorite holiday story is The Mistleberry by Ranger. It’s free if you want to have a look too: I’m looking forward to reading The Working Elf Blues too. Happy holidays!

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