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Plagiarized story on Amazon

UPDATE: The page for More Than Moonlight is gone, as are all of the other stories “Jay Cute” had stolen and claimed to have edited. Thanks again to everyone who helped us bring this person to Amazon’s attention! ❤


Hi, guys! First, I wanted to thank everyone who’s contacted me about More Than Moonlight being illegally sold on Amazon. MJ and I are aware of the issue and have reported the violation of our copyright to Amazon. And thanks also to the people who have left one-star reviews to warn other potential readers away. *hugs to you all*

For those who don’t know, this “Jay Cute” took one of my and MJ O’Shea’s free story collections that tie into our Lucky Moon series and put it up for sale on Amazon, after lazily pasting their name over our original cover.


This was also done to one of Kaje Harper’s stories and countless other authors outside of our genre. I think “Jay Cute” has claimed to be the editor on something like 20 different titles. The sheer laziness of what this person did with the covers and that they didn’t change a single detail inside the books themselves might be laughable if they weren’t trying to make money off of our work, particularly in the cases where the stories were provided free of cost by the original authors.

All I can do is shake my head and hope that Amazon pulls these books and shuts down “Jay Cute’s” account as soon as possible. Thanks again to everyone who gave me and MJ a heads up!

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