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Updated Release Schedule

Hi, everyone! For anyone wondering, this is my list of upcoming releases and works-in-progress. All dates are tentative/subject to change, but this is how things stand right now. πŸ™‚


March 19, 2018 – BISHOP’S MOVE (Drifting #1) – with Santino Hassell – Near-future erotic romance with a dash of suspense, featuring a fat, femme fashionisto and an ex-convict whose badass exterior hides a super-soft heart. Pre-order available now. See the Drifting series page on my website for links! Also, sign up for the series newsletter for Drift alerts!

August 2018 – GOALIE INTERFERENCE (Hat Trick #2) – with Avon Gale – Riptide – Contemporary romance. Sports. Rivals to lovers. Bisexual character. Interracial relationship. Mild D/s elements. POC characters. Two ice hockey goalies competing for the starting slot on the same team. Tempers flare and things get hot. πŸ˜‰

November 2018 – MARSHAL’S LAW – with Santino Hassell – The second book in our near-future erotic romance trilogy. More details to come!

February 2019 – NECESSARY ART (Art & Soul #2) – with Avon Gale – Riptide – Contemporary romance. Graffiti artist/skater. Lawyer-turned-sculptor-turned-non-profit-organizer. Age gap. Opposites attract. Demisexual character.

April 2019 – TRADE DEADLINE (Hat Trick #3) – with Avon Gale – Riptide – Contemporary romance. Sports. Friends to lovers. Sweet and sexy. Bisexual character. A veteran hockey player is traded to his hometown team and reunites with his best friend/first crush from childhood. When I say sweet, I’m serious, y’all. There are DOLPHINS.


ANOTHER ROUND – In progress – First book in my texting trilogy. Contemporary romance. Opposites attract. Multicultural couple. Cute, nerdy number cruncher meets hot, bearded, tattooed gym owner/MMA fighter through unconventional circumstances.

Food truck rivals – Outlining

Vloggers duology – Outlining

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