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GRL recap, including the answer to the most asked question, & a giveaway

Wow. Another GRL has come and gone. Up to now, I’ve attended every official GRL since New Orleans (even though I was only there unofficially in Atlanta for a couple of days). This was my second time attending as a featured author, and with the resort being only about forty minutes from my house, I had the convenience of being able to drive there and bring as much luggage as I wanted. I definitely took advantage of that. 😛

I had so much fun catching up with old friends, making new ones. I roomed with two of my Chicago m/m book club peeps, Sue and Lexi Ander. I also spent a lot of time with Jason Mitchell, his husband David, and the fabulous Crissy Morris, none of whom I’d met in person before, plus my lovely Jayden Brooks, who is one of my best friends. It was a total blast. They’re all such good, fun people, and I already miss seeing them all. That’s always the downside of GRL—parting ways at the end.


Me and Lexi Ander

I was super nervous about my Q&A, as it was my first panel ever, but it went well and people in the audience told me that my nervousness didn’t come across, so yay! I had the honor of sharing that Q&A spot with Cheryl Dragon and Marie Sexton, two awesome ladies. ❤


Q&A Panel

I also had a spot in one of the author lounges and of course the big signing on Saturday. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped at my table during those events. It was so great getting to put faces to names, and I’ll never get over readers wanting me to sign for them. It’s thrilling, exciting, and humbling all at once.



The question I got asked most at my spotlights? Will there be another book following The Party Boy’s Guide to Dating a Geek and, if so, when is it coming?

Short answer: Yes, there will be another book, but we don’t currently have an ETA.

Longer answer: Timing wise, it hasn’t worked out for Xara and me to work on Ty’s book. Either I was busy or she was or we tried and it just wasn’t vibing for whatever reason. We do have it entirely outlined, and we will be trying to work on it soon. Once we have it turned in and have an idea of a release date, rest assured we will share that information all over the place. And just so you guys know, we’re thrilled so many people expressed interest in more books in the Clumsy Cupid universe. Party Boy was a lot of fun to write, and I’m sure the rest of them will be too. 🙂

In addition to all my author-related activities, I also took time to fangirl my favorites during the retreat. I’m as much of a reader as a writer, and I got a nice haul of books and some great swag. Nearly all of the books in this picture are signed, save for one author I didn’t manage to track down. There are some of my faves in this bunch, and some books I’ve never read before and look forward to diving into.


GRL is such a great experience and it really does feel like a family reunion every year. I’ve never been to any other convention that felt quite like this one, and I’m really happy I got to attend this year. For those who haven’t heard, next year will be somewhere in San Diego. Stay tuned for further details from the GRL organizers in the late winter/early spring.

And now… time for a giveaway!

A lot of people couldn’t make it to GRL, and this giveaway is for them!

The prize: Winner’s choice of one of the paperbacks pictured below, plus all of the swag.

photo 1 (7)

To enter, simply comment on this post and tell me which gay romance book or series you’d love to see turned into a movie.

Closes: Mon, 10/27/14 @ 11PM CDT


For extra entries, you can do any or all of the following:

-Spread the word about this contest (tweet, reblog, put it on Facebook, put it on Tumblr). Just leave a link to said post about it in your comment.

-Like my official Facebook author page (But be sure I know what name you “liked” it under.)

-Follow me on Twitter and/or add me as a favorite on Goodreads.


Disclaimer: This contest is open to adults age 18 and up. Your comment confirms that you are of legal age. Contest open worldwide. 


GRL & Book News

Hi, all! GRL is fast approaching. For those of you attending who would like to meet me, these are my “official” events. I’ll also be around throughout the retreat, so if you see me, grab me! 😀


Piper’s GRL Schedule

Event: Author Lounge
Location: Trillium 3
Time: 12 – 12:40PM
Date: October 16, Thursday

Come visit me and a bunch of other authors. This is an opportunity to chat in a more informal setting than the signing. I’ll have a few little things to giveaway, so make sure to drop by if you have the time!


Event: Author Q&A
Location: Sorrell 2
Time: 11:20AM – 12:15PM
Date: October 17, Friday

My Q&A session with Cheryl Dragon and Marie Sexton. Come ask us any pressing questions you need answered. 😀


Event: Featured Author Book Signing
Location: Trillium 2
Time: 2 – 5PM
Date: October 18, Saturday

Have any books you want signed or just want to say hello? This is the time to stop by my table! I’ll also have a limited quantity of “Lucky Moon” themed door hangers to sign, for anyone interested, as well as some gift cards and hedgehog themed items to give away (if you follow me on FB, you’re probably aware of my hedgie obsession by now ;D). Those will all be first come, first served.



Book News

For the first time since 2011, I’m going to have a Christmas story! This is a big change from my last one, Zombie Wonderland. No holiday gore this time around. 😉 This time I have a cute, little elf and the human he’s in love with.

I put a lot of heart into this story, so if you’re looking for a sweet and touching holiday-themed tale with some fantasy elements, be sure to check it out!

Garnet Evergreen has never heard of an elf abandoning the North Pole for a human, but he yearns to be the first. Ever since he saw Wes, the boy with sorrowful eyes, Garnet felt an undeniable kinship. Over the years, he’s watched that boy grow into a man, and now he’s determined to give Wes a Christmas he’ll never forget. If only Garnet had thought to test his father’s sleigh before leaving…

Orphaned as a child, Wes spends every Christmas alone at his cabin. When he’s woken by a suspicious boom and finds a wrecked sleigh and an unconscious elf, he doesn’t know how to react. Wes isn’t fanciful. He doesn’t give much credence to the stories about Santa Claus and flying reindeer. But a part of him wants desperately to believe when Garnet promises forever, even if life has taught him that no one ever stays…

Expected Release Date: December 17, 2014
Pre-order it from Less Than Three Press for 15% off! 


Also coming soon…

For my French readers, if you’ve been wishing Une petite chose (the translation of One Small Thing) was available as a paperback, good news! It’s coming in November from Reines-Beaux. I’m so excited to have another foreign language paperback. I’ll make another announcement once it’s released.


Quick Update: Paperbacks at GRL

Hey, all! By now, I’m sure most of you are aware of the book-selling policy change for GRL. If you’re not, the gist of it is that due to tax laws in Illinois, authors are no longer able to sell books at their individual tables. Any paperbacks available at the retreat, unless given freely, will have to be paid for upon leaving the signing through Anderson’s Booksellers, who usually handle this same sort of thing for the bigger conventions, like Romantic Times. Along with their service comes a 25% consignment fee that they’ll keep from any authors and/or publishers wishing to sell books at the convention. Because of this, I’ve changed my original plans. 

If you’d reserved a paperback on the spreadsheet I’d posted at the end of July, this update is for you. 

-“Ringing True” has been postponed until after GRL. With it being my first self-published paperback and still in-progress, I didn’t want to have to scramble to try to get it done before GRL and sacrifice any quality. Those of you who reserved a copy on my spreadsheet, I will honor the price I would have charged at GRL and ship a signed copy to you for free whenever the book is release. (Exact date TBD.)

-Any of my Dreamspinner titles must be either purchased during GRL or pre-ordered through their website. Use the code provided in this blog post to have the books shipped directly to GRL for free (The code will be valid from now until 9/21 and can be used more than once, if you want to take advantage of any sales between now and then.) You’ll pick them up there and if you want them signed, be sure to swing by my table. (Note: Dreamspinner will be having a pre-order sale from Sept. 17-21, so if you plan to order a few, it might be best to wait until then.)

-Since Less Than Three Press won’t have an official presence at GRL, those are the only paperbacks I will be bringing with me. I’ll be bringing several of the English version and I’ll have a couple of the French paperbacks available as well. If you reserved a copy of “Party Boy” using my spreadsheet, you can pre-order a copy from me now for $10 and I will bring them to GRL, at which point they’ll either be marked with a pre-order sticker (which I’m hoping they’ll have available) or a “free” sticker, just so you can get past the registers without them trying to force you to pay again. Contact me at: piper.vaughn7 (at) gmail (dot) com only if you’d already reserved a copy and wish to pay me for it using Paypal. Otherwise, I’ll have a few extra copies with me on a first come, first served basis. 

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! I don’t want to bring extras of my Dreamspinner titles because things will get more complicated for the bookseller and record-keeping if both Dreamspinner and I are trying to sell the same exact titles there, and I’d prefer to keep it simple. 

Thanks, all. ❤ 

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