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Music Monday

It’s Music Monday in my Facebook group (Piper’s Peeps), and it occurred to me I hadn’t shared any songs here in a while.

This is one I’ve been crazy about lately, and it was actually on the playlist I listened to while we were writing Prickly Business. 🙂

What songs have you been hooked on lately?


Music Playlist: Moonlight Becomes You

Well, the 2nd edition of Moonlight Becomes You comes out one week from today, so I thought I should put together a playlist for it. Some of these songs are mentioned in the story; some of them were what I listened to while writing my scenes. I’m sure MJ’s playlist would be different if she made one, but for me, these are the songs that remind me of the boys in this story. 🙂

The songs from when Luck first performed in front of a live audience.

Songs I listened to while writing.


Hope you enjoyed the playlist! Moonlight Becomes You comes out from Dreamspinner Press on April 7th. Pre-order it now: ebook / paperback

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