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New Release – “Aime-moi”

Hi, all! The French translation of Wanting went live today! Aime-moi (Love me) is now available at the following links. So cool to see these boys being translated! And their Valentine’s Day short, Giving In, will be coming in French in February, 2015. So exciting. 😀

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Deleted Scenes – Wanting: Epilogue

Hey, y’all! Today I’m uploading the 2nd edition of Wanting to the various websites where it’s available for download. In this new addition the epilogue has been removed. For anyone who might want to read the scene again (or for the first time), I’ve posted it below. As stated, this takes place 3 months after the end of Wanting


.: Epilogue :.


Three months later…

“You almost done with those carrots over there?”

Jonah stared down at the orange pile on the cutting board. He was supposed to be chopping the carrots into one-inch diagonal chunks. When he’d watched Ina Garten make the recipe on Food Network, her carrots had come out in perfectly symmetrical pieces. His looked like they’d been massacred. “Um, I’m getting there.”

He and Laurie were in the kitchen of the two-bedroom apartment they shared with Marc in Madison, on the outskirts of the University of Wisconsin campus. Ever since their peanut butter and jelly picnic in Kentucky that past summer, Jonah had been determined to learn how to cook. He’d gotten fried chicken down pat, but man couldn’t live on fried chicken alone, so he’d started experimenting with more intermediate recipes. The one they were currently working on was Ina Garten’s version of beef bourguignon.

Laurie, who had a natural ease in the kitchen Jonah knew he would never possess, stood at the stove searing cubes of beef in the Dutch oven Jonah had purchased specifically for this recipe. Jonah had already been working on the pound of carrots for going on twenty minutes. Chopping was not his specialty. Really, nothing cooking-related was his specialty. If something took Jonah an hour, it was almost guaranteed Laurie could do it in half the time.

A sudden laugh from beside him made Jonah glance up from the carrot he was slicing. Laurie had apparently come over to check on him, and he stared down at the pile of mutilated carrots with an expression caught somewhere between amusement and dismay. “Oh, my God. What did you do to them?”

Jonah looked down at the mess again and bit his lip. “I have no idea.”

Laurie gave another choking laugh and reached out to take the knife from his hand. “Why don’t you let me finish them?”

“Yeah, maybe that would be for the best.” Jonah relinquished the knife and stepped back. He watched as Laurie expertly chopped the remaining carrots—into perfect diagonal pieces, of course—and shook his head in consternation. “It looks so easy when you do it.”

“Maybe I should just do all the chopping from now on,” Laurie said as he made quick work of the last carrot. “You can handle the meat.”

“I don’t know. I burned it the last time, remember?”

“Oh, yeah. I remember.” Laurie chuckled. “So maybe you should just sit back and watch me cook, then. You could be my moral support.”

Jonah frowned. “But I like cooking with you.”

Laurie grinned. “I like it, too. Even if we always have to have a backup plan.”

Jonah rolled his eyes and chucked a piece of carrot at Laurie’s head. “I’m not that bad.”

“Uh huh.” Laurie picked up the cutting board and placed it on the counter near the stove. Then he glanced sideways at Jonah. “Come here.”

Despite Laurie’s slight on his cooking skills, Jonah went. He linked his arms around Laurie’s neck, tugging him down for a slow kiss.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a bad cook, Jo,” Laurie whispered against his lips. “Your kisses more than make up for it.”

Jonah laughed. “I am a bad cook. But I think you should be punished for saying it aloud. No kisses for a week.”

“You withhold kisses, I withhold blowjobs.”

“Not fair.”

Laurie smirked. “Like you could go a day without kissing me anyway.”

“True,” Jonah said, and pulled Laurie down for another.

The smell of burning meat eventually broke them apart. Jonah turned off the flame under the Dutch oven and stared down at the charred contents for a moment, then looked up at Laurie. “Guess it is a good thing we always have a backup plan, huh?”

Laurie smiled and shrugged. “Guess so.”

Jonah glanced around at all of the ingredients still sitting on their counters. Looked like the recipe would have to wait for another day. They couldn’t very well make beef bourguignon without the beef. He met Laurie’s gaze and raised his eyebrows. “Burger King?”

Laurie hooked a finger into one of the belt loops on Jonah’s jeans and tugged him closer. Jonah felt the hard length of Laurie’s erection against his hip.

“That’s fine,” Laurie murmured as he pressed a kiss to Jonah’s throat. “But later.”

Jonah moaned, tilting his head back to give Laurie more access. “Yeah. Later.”


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